1958579_1478030575751308_977324111_nPainter and sculptor born in Livorno in 1974, she studied at the Art School "Cecioni", Livorno, following her mother's footsteps. Every corner of the house had the artistic touch of the mother, from the papier-mache in the bathtub to create some sculptures to the handmade dolls for her and her siblings. She lived in England almost four years where she began to exhibit. She continued her education at the foundation "Trossi Uberti" where she was a pupil of Y. Hidalgoand and at the association "Fucina dell'arte"with A.Foschini. And 'then passionate sculpture hanging lessons by master Paul Grigo'. He writes stories and stages (he received his bachelor's degree at the school theater "Laura Ferretti, the artistic center Skyscraper", Livorno). In the works reveal the theatricality 'and love for poetry. She also wrote stories for children, a passion that grew from childhood. the place of origin of the parents, Sardinia and South Africa will leave marks in all its search path. Fond of life and color, through suffering by the illness of his mother, he gained attention for social issues and spiritual.

In a review of a solo exhibition at the town of Calcinaia, the master Grigò writes Rachel brings in a tangible sign of the mother, graphic artist and sculptor, who acts as the main theme in the vision of his fantastic world of beauty of flowers, colorful landscapes, portraits where the common denominator is always the moment experimental and innovative, especially from the technical point of view. Precisely in this respect, the artist has consistently pursued his research, intensifying the calibrated color effect is evident in the portraits where the freshness of the signs used in the study sketches that enrich the search for the realization of subjects with other materials, eg. Knights, terracotta bas-relief. Fluid streams in English means continuation fluid but obliged the artistic transmitted from mother to daughter. Clear, 'that this passage between mother and daughter find their expression in the key definite sign of indelible images, determining force of dreamlike dimension in all their work both in painting and in graphic and sculpture .. The countries of origin of the parents Sardinia and South Africa are often a source of inspiration.


Proteggere olio su tela 40x70 2015. collezione privataOmaggio a Vermeer. olio su tela  30 x 40. 2012lion of Judah- olio su tela 80x60 2015Little Italy a firenze. olio su tela  50 x 50. 2013. Collezione privataEtrog-Cedri olio su tela 81 x 61. 2014. collezione privataOcean Floor - olio su tela 100 x 100 2015. Collezione privataEleonorA pOP. olio su tela 71 x 50. 2015. collezione privataBerbero olio su tela 60 x 80. 70x100 . 2013Adva - Acqua.  Joseph Benjamin's dress. olio su tela  41 x 31. 2014Praga - olio su tela 70x50 2015Riflessi-reflections. olio su tela 60 x 50. 2013Sirena - olio su tela 100x80 2015 Collezione PrivataOmaggio a Magritte. olio su tela 60X 80 2012Donne che non vedono. olio su tela  50 x 50. 2011Lion Scorpion Fish - Insane Ideas 120x80 oil on canvas 2015. collezione privataSiria. olio su tela. 56 x 85. 2014 collezione privataAutunni notturni. n.1. Ardenza. olio su tela 30 x 20. 2014 collezione privataAutunni notturni. n.2. Ardenza. olio su tela 30 x 20. 2014 collezione privataDai Nonni. olio su tela 50 x 60 2014. collezione privataVenezia. olio su tela 50 x 60. 2014. collezione privataArdenza - olio su tela 70x50 2013Volto di donna . tecnica mista 60 x 80. 2010. collezione privataSposalizio. Olio su tela 100 x 100. 2015 Collezione Privata




Porretta Soul Festival.Tecnica mista su carta Magnani.2015(2)Porretta Soul Festival.Tecnica mista su carta Magnani.2015Porretta Soul Festival.Tecnica mista su carta Magnani.2015(4)20150831_185344 Porretta Soul Festival5.Tecnica mi







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